However, if you did not get a free World Cup Hero or you want to get another one FUT 23 Coins, this SBC solution will help you obtain a World Cup Hero for as cheap as possible.To complete this SBC, you will need a number of high-rated players! This SBC will cost you around 167,000 coins!

This SBC will require you to use the following overalls and we have provided guides to the cheapest players for each rating! Check your club for untradeable players, as this will make completing the Max 89 World Cup Hero SBC cheaper.

You will be able to repeat this SBC once.Of course, you can always create your own solution. Just follow this guide to making an 86-rated team.Which Players Can I Pack in the MMOexp FIFA 23 Max 89 World Cup Hero Pack? There is a rating cap on this pack, meaning you will only be able to pack World Cup Heroes that have an 89 overall or lower.

Here is the full selection of World Cup Heroes you could packThere are only five World Cup Heroes unavailable in this pack since they are the only ones rated higher than 89 OVRThere are some expensive players listed in this pack. Here are the top five players you could get

At 167,000 coins, there are only 8 players worth less than the pack buy FIFA 23 Coins! This makes this pack worth completing, as you will have a 64% chance of hitting something big.The World Cup ICONs release date is just around the corner! Make sure you know which ICONS will be part of this promotion.