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    INEXPENSIVE auto insurance corporation British???

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    I came across an insurance policy that was old from 1970 and can not find the insurance carrier currently?

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    “Car-insurance – 16 yr old boy”Is 89-93 240sx (S13) pricey to insure? I’m 16. I would place this car under my mama’s insurance. She never had an accident”An insurance professional sold my parents this and I hope they put anything into layman’s phrase. They bought this through a group called the Alliance for Affordable Solutions. They’ve a $5000 deductible but the plan flows similar to this: Hospital area/panel has CoInsurance with Maximum upto $1000 dailyHowmuch does a VW Golf GTi 2003 – 2008 cost on insurance? Help:(!?!?

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    Please wherever u got it was come up with by this information from not jus u supply I would like evidence

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