• Robinson Valentine posted an update 3 months, 1 week ago

    “Just interested” I received insurance and a good pension that I’d to pay for”I am attempting to state a life insurance policy on dad who handed a month ago.I was the successor but Satisfied existence is hassling me and says that it had been never on file.He paid forty years over a 10k payout and now they declare the organization he worked for instructed them there was no beneficiary when I am told by that corporation he worked for that I’m almost certainly am around the policy.My daddy improved it over two years before after my mother died who in addition they said was never on the coverage!!! The woman claimed to confirming to it currently being recorded this due as they’ll not except any papers from that company currently. They desire me to acquire so that it is likely to be split up a document notarized saying that i’m hoping to get it but yet first need to know all my siblings names and their ssn or paid to outstanding credit cards.Has this happened to anyone before? I can’t spend burial bills I’ve 7 selfish siblings who didnt help me 1 day of taking good care of my aged parents in the last 3years