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    Order fulfillment is the work-flow or system-process associated with the packing, picking and delivery of your pre-ordered goods to your ultimate shipping destination and is a critical component of order management. Most order fulfillment operations or facilities are also commonly referred to as “distributors” or “order centers”. The work-flow system begins with an ordering or pick-order from your company. An order is an order for a specific product or item that is “purchased in bulk” by a distributor. In most cases, the order is an “as is” order so the product being purchased may be limited or non-existent.

    Once you’ve ordered the goods and the distribution partner or warehouse facility has agreed to pick and pack them for you, your job is then to create a ticket or quote that contains all of the details regarding the order including your return address and contact information. This includes the quantity of merchandise ordered, quantity of shipping materials needed, and any return/replacement policies if applicable. It is also advisable to include a copy of your company logo and web address on the return label. It is important to keep all items detailed including sizes, stock amounts, and moisture and heat resistant/sterile materials if applicable.

    Pick and pack operations typically utilize either full part or combination packaging methods. Part picking occurs when the distributor packs the goods in-house. Full packaging occurs when the goods are packed at a distribution center before they are shipped to the customers. Most ecommerce businesses utilize combination packaging which involves combining pick and pack procedures with traditional packaging methods.

    The cost-effective pick and pack process can be implemented even for ecommerce businesses using manual packing or pick and pack processes that have been in place for years without significant cost-effectiveness. Some methods can be cost-efficient such as manual record keeping. For businesses that want to minimize costs, there are a variety of effective options available. Using a third party logistics provider can be one of those options. In addition to the obvious advantages of cost-effectiveness, a logistics provider can help ecommerce businesses achieve superior customer satisfaction.

    Using a pick and pack method can help reduce the overall transportation cost for orders placed on websites. Shipping costs can skyrocket if your business uses expensive packing supplies and methods. Even though it can be tempting to use more expensive packaging supplies, using less expensive packing supplies can be a wise business decision. Using smaller, cheaper supplies that can be picked up at a local store can provide you with superior packing and shipping solutions while still maintaining competitive shipping rates.

    A professional pick and pack fulfillment company can help you provide superior pick and pack services by ensuring the most effective inventory tracking. Inventory tracking is essential for companies that rely on the ability to rapidly process and ship orders. By requiring regular and consistent measurements of products to determine their exact location, a pick and pack fulfillment provider can ensure that orders are shipped when they are most appropriate. An experienced inventory tracking system allows you to prioritize shipments based on the need to receive products quickly. This ensures that you are able to quickly dispatch orders to satisfied customers.

    Other benefits of using a third party logistics provider include inventory storage and retrieval. Pick and pack methods can often benefit businesses by offering an improved and efficient way to manage stock. A professional pick and pack company will often implement warehouse improvements to make it easier and efficient to access and evaluate inventories. These warehouse improvements can include shelving strategies, multi-level shelving and electronic inventory storage and retrieval. Utilizing these strategies reduces the amount of time that products spend sitting on shelves and extends the time it takes to fulfill orders.

    When it comes to delivering products and meeting customer needs, a pick and pack fulfillment company can help. However, it’s important to consider the different ways in which they operate. For example, some may be designed to provide full pick and pack services while others specialize in contract and courier services. It’s also important to choose a company that can handle a variety of delivery options including air freight and ground transportation. The right company can offer a comprehensive range of services to help you meet your company’s unique needs and help you streamline operations.