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    I like instant cash . though I don’t really focus much on instant cash but every now and then, I recommend doing quickie projects in order to create fast money online. In fact, it my recent project, I made $600 in just one or two days.

    Use old-fashioned dictation. Kid can dictate his book report you or others while you type this method. You can record it upon the smart phone, a low tech tape recorder, as well as other technology, then play it back and kind it out for him.

    You really should software that will give the opportunity to record audio recordings. Today, most Microsoft operating systems have integrated software is going to also allow for you to definitely record any audio file of you talking. Helps be called ‘Sound Recorder’ or such like. This just what you utilizes to design your audio report.

    Do not place any objects within the keyboard and laptop window. Put objects between the keyboard and laptop screen can be extremely dangerous, the risk of scratches on screen. Obviously, you are doing not need to replace a laptop screen that just scratched.

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    If in order to after better audio and video quality, use video production software such as Camtasia Tattoo studio. This is more work as well as technical but gives better results. Keep in mind it only records your audio.