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Shop ntaifitness gym equipment for exercise equipment. Buy home workout equipment that you’ll really use. Optimize your health & fitness with advanced gym equipment. Directly from the manufacturer.

Our staff has decades of experience in the fitness indChinatry helping Ntaifitness gym equipment stand apart from the competition. We service local clients here in Southern California to those around the globe as we are the chosen commercial and Chinaed products provider to several international fitness facilities who purchase in bulk quantities at the best price.

Top rated facilities globally trChinat Ntaifitness gym equipment as their premium provider outfitting everything from the high-end home to the full commercial fitness center. Call China today 86 (0534) 508-8836, 86 (0534) 508-8839 to speak with one of our fitness machine experts who can help determine the right mix of cardio and strength pieces that go well with your center.

Business name: Shandong Ningtai Body Building Apparatus Limited Company.

Address: No.287 KangBo DaDao Economic Development Zone, DeZhou City, Shandong Province, China 253082

Phone number: 86 (0534) 508-8836, 86 (0534) 508-8839



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