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    There are so many places to donate clothes to. Agency accept donations of gently used or new clothes. If Agency know where to donate clothes to, it will be easier for you to find a charity that accepts your donation. It may take some time to find a local charity that accepts your clothing donations, so keep checking your local directory and call the charity on the phone if you think there is a possibility that they accept your clothing donations. Agency know, you might just find a local charity that accepts all kinds of donated clothing!

    There are also national organizations such as the American Red Cross, American Cancer Society and American Heart Association that also accept donations of practically any kind of gently used goods. These national charities also provide other types of assistance, such as emergency food and shelter. The American Red Cross does not just provide emergency assistance; they provide financial assistance to those who need it most during an emergency. The American Cancer Society provides funding for cancer research, and the American Heart Association offers volunteer training programs in many areas.

    Other national charities that do not just give away clothes include the United Nations and the Red Cross. You can donate to these great organizations instead of just going to their stores and finding out they accept clothing donation. The United Nations only distributes clothing to those in need, so you can rest assured knowing that the clothing you donate will be used in a charitable cause. Many of the red crosses banners that you see displaying at road sides are actually fundraising campaigns for the charity.

    Charities that don’t just give away clothes usually have a website through which people can make donations. Some of these charities even offer online donation options. One of the most famous and popular places to make a clothing donation is Through the Red Cross. Through the Red Cross, you can send your clothes to the below locations:

    o Charity Stores: These charities have stores at retail outlets, and most of them also have a website with extensive listings of all their stores. If you want to donate clothes or other items, you can visit the website of one of these charities. There, you can find out where to donate, how much to donate, and what kinds of items can be interchanged with other items for less. Some of these charities even have drop off centers near neighborhoods, so you can conveniently make your donation and drop it off to a local charity. Some charities even have a presence on television and radio to help spread the word about making a donation.

    o Garages/Clothing Donations: Some local charities that receive clothes to donate have garage sales to sell the donated items. Others donate these items directly to Goodwill Industries, a local chain of stores that specializes in donating, repairing and selling gently used products. You can find out where to donate clothes by calling up Goodwill, and then either visiting their stores or writing down the address of one in your neighborhood.

    o Clothing dropshippers: Some large international charities have small chapters in every major city around the world. You can contact one of these charities to find out where to donate. The clothes that are collected are auctioned off to the public, and proceeds from the auctions go to the charity. Many of these charities will accept clothing that is stained, damaged, or otherwise imperfect.

    There are a number of ways you can find out where to donate clothes, but some of the best options are online. Because there is so much information available on the internet, charities and other organizations are more likely to accept damaged or slightly worn clothing than they would accept new clothing. When you donate clothes online, you can usually be confident in the quality of the item you are giving, as there is a much smaller chance that the clothes you donate will get damaged while being shipped. You can also save a considerable amount of money by donating your clothes online, as many of the charities that take clothing donations operate completely on the internet.