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    Web design
    Web design is the basis of quality websites, mobile and web applications. Since it combines many skills, it is difficult to be a good web designer without years of learning and working in this field. In addition, good web design implies constant monitoring of market changes and new trends. It consists of the process of arranging and aesthetically adapting ideas in order to create websites. What we as web designers first consider is simply navigating the users on the site.
    Although it was created several decades after the Internet, from the very beginning it has been growing intensively and developing together with it. The basis of web design is a quality presentation of content, and in order to achieve it, you need a good knowledge of different skills.
    What every web designer should know are markup languages: XML; HTML and XHTML. In addition to their knowledge, knowledge of styling languages, such as CSS, is of great importance. There are a lot of essential elements that make up a good web design, but some still stand out. The following five elements are leaders in web design: element layout, graphics, colors, content, and fonts.
    Arranging elements means arranging graphics, content and banners in a way that will allow visitors to quickly and easily access the information they are interested in.
    Graphics refer to various elements – logos, icons, animations and more. These elements have the task of improving the functionality and appearance of the site. For this reason, it is important that they blend in with other elements of the website, primarily content and colors.
    The choice of colors is mainly influenced by the purpose of the website, as well as the visitors for whom it is intended. Whether it is a black and white design or a design that implies the presence of several different colors, the essence lies in the fact that the company and its brand are presented in an appropriate way.

    Content itself is not strictly one of the elements of web design. However, the way it will blend in with other elements still falls under web design. The way it is set as part of the design and the content itself are extremely important in the SEO optimization of any site. The content needs to be informative, relevant and beneficial to visitors on the one hand, while on the other hand it needs to fit into a clear, visually appealing structure.

    Using different fonts can greatly improve the look of a site. However, it should be noted that most web browsers only recognize certain fonts, known as “secure web fonts”. For this reason, we usually only work with this group of fonts that are generally accepted.

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