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    Our service is top quality. We can offer you screen printing on various materials, and we can meet the shortest delivery times of the finished product. We print the following items by screen:
    • PVC products – stickers of different types and sizes, foils, etc.
    • Textile products – hoodies, T-shirts, advertising ribbons,…
    • Promotional items – lighters, pendants, umbrellas, computer mouse pads, diaries, glasses, ashtrays,….
    The impression for the screen printing was obtained through a printing form, which is made of silk, nylon or polyester, and on a tight frame which is wooden, metal or plastic. In the first instance, an impermeable layer is applied to such a taut form, which is subsequently removed, followed by pushing the ink in a certain layer to obtain an imprint.
    The quality of the obtained impression depends on the type of material from which the sieve was made. In the past, silk fabrics were used to a large extent, which today replace synthetic ones, and the quality of the print is not impaired. The quality of the print is also affected by the number of sieve openings. If there are more openings, the print will be of better quality, but that makes it difficult for the color to pass through the openings.

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