• Osborn Mcconnell posted an update 2 years ago

    Award-winning creative media agency, Creative Impact Agency (CGI), has acquired San Francisco-based agency, The Connect Content, in order to expand their digital services, and hire Andrew Curry as VP of digital marketing, it was recently announced by creative guru Alan Lobel. The acquisition was made in a deal with undisclosed financial backing. This digital agency will now become part of the creative side of Connect Content, which handles digital marketing of websites for clients such as Disney, MTV, Cooking Network and Yahoo! Music. According to Alan Lobel, “We are rapidly expanding our digital offerings in order to meet the evolving needs of our clientele. Creating a rich portfolio of creatively crafted digital solutions will position us to define and launch new business opportunities, while empowering our creative staff to develop innovative campaigns that will ignite the growth of our client’s businesses.”

    According to a press release from the creative impact agency, “Curry will lead a group of talented and experienced consultants who will work with clients on the cutting edge of online marketing strategies, creating and executing customized digital marketing campaigns. He will also be responsible for the company’s strategy and focus in the growing field of internet marketing. By combining traditional design services with cutting-edge digital technology, we are leveraging our talent and experience to help our clients achieve their marketing goals.”

    The acquisition of this creative agency is a strategic move by Connect Content, a web agency, which has offices in New York, Los Angeles and London. This company offers a wide range of clients and creative projects, according to its official website. In addition to offering their clients creative web design, media management and consultancy services, the agency is also known for developing strategic web alliances with other industries including healthcare, travel and hospitality, education and finance. Creative impact agencies have been successful in partnering with a wide range of clients, especially those in the fashion, entertainment and creative industries.

    The creative content acquisition company works closely with a number of other industry specialists and experts, according to their website. It uses these experts to create original, client-focused content for distribution across the web. This includes helping clients tap into multimedia content via streaming video and music. This comprehensive approach helps the creative agency create unique digital solutions that increase sales and exposure.

    Connect Content is not the first creative content agency to purchase an impact agency. In fact, a merger was recently announced between Connect Content and Wieden+ Kennedy. This mergence provides the combined company with a full assortment of creative solutions. This acquisition further cements the reputation of Connect Content as a true creative content agency. The combination brings to light Connect Content’s award-winning creative team, a group of talent that continues to contribute to the success of their clients’ business endeavors.

    This acquisition marks the latest example of a creative firm purchasing an impact agency. Previously, agencies like Wieden+ Kennedy and Avenue Media bought Impactarts, a successful agency. This agency provided a unique perspective on local marketing. Impactarts was one of the first agencies to embrace social media in its marketing strategy. The acquisition of Impactarts paved the way for other agencies to increase their presence in the world of digital marketing.

    With acquisition like that of Connect Content, a business is provided with a complete range of creative solutions to enhance sales, exposure, and conversion rates. A creative content provider understands how to generate original, engaging content that is designed to convert on a strategic and tactical level. A great deal of thought is put into every piece of writing and photography that a creative content company creates. These firms understand the importance of providing businesses with compelling content. The value of a well-written article or blog post cannot be underestimated, particularly when it goes viral on the Internet.

    The creative impact agency is hired to ensure that the agency works to improve revenue and marketability. Hiring an agency that specializes in creative content gives businesses a reputable reputation in the world of advertising. Businesses can go on to create their own blogs or articles. Blogs and articles are then posted on popular sites like LinkedIn.