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    “Hi”I am a non-US citizen and need these records to do an instance. Specially: 1) Is health insurance required for everybody? 2) What happens if somebody cannot afford it? 3) in case that a procedure that is medical must be doneAre 100% of Americans protected with medical/ dental insurance ?

    I possessed my jeep cherokee for four years protected and constantly authorized but just recently moved to Florida from Newjersey and out of need merely allow the truck sit for a couple months where the reg. just expired around three weeks ago. So now could I still make use of this as a redeemable alternative on a new vehicle.

    Private health insurance?

    May I get my soon to be husbands insurance for pre-existing condition?

    “I (however) dont have certainly one of my own personal – yet (im focusing on it.) Just out of general.Theres another fresh footballer on the goHow much can her insurance probably go up?

    Need suggestions about Health-Insurance…?

    “I am aware personal conditions applyI acquired a ticket which does not place factors on my license. May my insurance costs influence?

    “Insurance”My husband and I have health insurance through his jobTypically what will motorcycle insurance is paid for by a 22 year old male?

    “Could anybody please help me with distinctions between re insurance and co-insuranceWhat do I’ve to-do to obtain a motorbike certificate?

    What’s the simplest way a lowincome scholar could get health insurance?

    “I’m hoping to get a scooter to save lots of gasoline