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    There are agency of great places to donate clothes and other items to charities. One of the places is your local Salvation Army, they have an extensive collection of clothing and household goods that are all very low cost to the charity. The other place you can really help out with your local charity is your local school, many students donate clothes as well as other school supplies. You can also find other places such as local food pantries, churches, and day cares where you can often find nice clothes and school supplies.

    Another great place to donate clothes and other items is at your local Job Training Center. Many times Job Training Centers (TTC) will receive donations of gently used clothing items that are either donated by their clients or they receive these donations as part of their job training programs. When Job Training centers receive gently used clothing items, they will give these gently used clothing items to struggling children who are in need of some extra income to help pay their bills. Sometimes a Job Training Center will use these clothing items to sell on their website and receive a percentage of the sale proceeds.

    agency to help out with charities is to make a tax-deductible donation to your local thrift store. Many times, charities partner with local thrift stores to receive the donations. In turn, the thrift stores will sell the gently used clothes and other household goods at very low prices. Some times, the clothes and other household goods are brand new, but most of the time the clothes are gently used.

    Most local communities have a local thrift store. They accept donations of almost anything, including gently used clothes, furniture, toys, antiques, appliances, and electronic goods. The good news about shopping at a local thrift store is the fact that most of the items are never used. These items are donated to the thrift stores by people who can no longer afford them, and the money used to pay for the items goes directly to a worthy cause. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

    There are also closet in your home that you could use to help out with charities. Do you have an old closet that you have not been able to use? agency could donate this closet to a local charity. Most people will not think twice about donating a closet, because it is one of their bedrooms, and they don’t even know it exists. You could be giving a closet to a person who desperately needs a dress or blouse, but it’s a great tax deduction for you.

    What kind of clothes can be donated to your local children’s charities? There are two main types of children’s charities that receive donations. The first is the organizations that specialize in one specific charitable cause. For example, the American Cancer Society often receives donations of scarves, blankets, and winter coats. Second, most of the smaller charities that appeal to kids will accept blankets, socks, jeans, sweaters, hats, and other clothing accessories like t-shirts. Just make sure that whatever items you give them is gently used clothing.

    How do you go about finding where to donate clothes? One of the easiest places to find clothing donations is your local donation centers. There are also warehouses that accept certain clothing accessories such as hats and scarves. However, charities prefer to receive clothing donations in their own closets. Many charities also have a website where you can either choose a specific charity or browse through their list of items.

    Another option is to visit your local charity stores. Many stores have clothing drives during the holidays and special events. They usually offer special pricing for used clothes, and customers are very prompt at donating clothing to these stores. Unfortunately, some charity stores will only accept cash, and you will need to bring along some extra cash. If agency are unable to find an on-site location that accepting clothing donations, many charities still accept online donations through PayPal or Google Checkout.