Like I said we have dual spec have two specifications for fury you know one for Dungeons and one for rates WoW SoD Gold, I don’t know. If you enjoyed this video, let me know. I’ll consider doing another video soon. It’s basically regarding the Pre-Road, however there are currently no Sims for it.

So I’m not able to simulate the stuff. So I’ve been just kind of doing. I’ve made an Excel sheet to calculate stat weights. I read about the itemization for wrath, how it’s budgeted and allocated to equipment.

So I think I have like a good equivalency point system based on statistics as well as the general principles. I’m planning on putting something together so anyway, to make a long story short, stay looking for that video. The video is likely to be released tomorrow or the day after. So if you guys enjoyed you, do like, comment on the page, or subscribe to my channel, and meet you all on the next episode. Peace.

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WOTLK PrePatch Gold Farm in Stratholme with Prot. Paladin – WOTLK News

Welcome back everyone I’d like to do a quick video regarding the pre patch specs.

Which WOTLK Prepatch Specialization is Best for Mage? Fire, Frost or Arcane?

A lot of people have asked for it. I hadn’t planned to do it, but due to that, I’m going to provide the people with what they want cheap WoW Classic SoD Gold. So , I’m going to walk through the specs real quick. And then as far as how to play them, min max and all that stuff to come later in a separate arcane video guide and the fire guide. The guide will be out by tomorrow, Wednesday or even later for fire.

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