Unique items are finally making their long-awaited return from Diablo 2. This rarity level includes “build-around items with completely fixed affixes D2R Items, heavily thematic and usually class-specific powers, and distinctive look”, as described in Blizzard’s blog post though we’ve encountered a few generic drops that can be equipped by all classes.

As their name indicates, each Unique item comes with its own unique effect that can enhance your class abilities. While only one Unique item can be equipped at a time, their benefits outweigh the effort (and gold) it takes to craft your Diablo 4 skill trees around them. Of course, you may only be in with a chance to receive a Unique item after overcoming some of the toughest challenges Lilith can throw at you, such as slaying world bosses or besting The Butcher.

Now that you’re an expert on the Diablo 4 item rarity levels, ensure you’re sporting the best threads in the RPG game by getting to grips with the Diablo 4 transmog system. We’ve also got some helpful tips for new and returning players, as well as a primer to the Diablo 4 world tiers if you feel ready for a real challenge. Last but not least, check out our best Diablo 4 builds and Diablo 4 classes guides if you’re just starting out.

Diablo 4 loot system explained
Since looking for better pieces of equipment is central to playing Diablo 4, we’re here to share our knowledge about D2R ladder items buy the game’s loot system.

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