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After winning the match Bridges go to the hospital and asked about Tommy’s condition Mut 23 Coins. The doctor told him that he is steady. Bridges take the trophy to Tommy and after a little discussion, Tommy requests Bridges to return one year from now and they will win the title together.

Now again he has to pick an option. I picked “Agree” and Bridges guarantees that he will return. The game hops ahead apiece, Bridges and Reggie are hanging tight for Tommy to welcome him back in the team. At that point, the coach came and tells that the Tommy will be Starter for next season. Now players have to make a choice whether they want to Leave the draft or Switch Positions.

I picked the “Switch Positions” and Bridges will stay in the team. From that point onward, Bridges needs to declare which position he is exchanging as well. Players have two choices. I picked “WR” and the journalist will ask whose game Bridges will reflect. Players have four choices to select from. You can choose any option you like. After this decision, another journalist will get some information about Bridges’ most noteworthy capacity and players can choose from the given options and each option will unlocks a separate thing.

Then after the press briefing, a cut-scene will be played and then players have to practice. At that point, the game hops to Regular Season, Senior year. Play the match and from that point forward, the game will bounce to the National Championship. Play the game and dominate it. From that point onward Madden 23 Coins Cheap, Tommy and Bridges will talk in the Locker room. Now after a couple of cut-scenes, the game jumps to NFL Scouting Combine. The journalists will ask whether Bridges is announcing himself as a QB and players have to choose from the given options.

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