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Peril on Gorgon adds new perks, flaws, NPCs, items, quests, as well as an entirely new planet to explore D2R Items. The level cap also got an increase, allowing players to build even stronger characters. Murder on Eridanos is a much more narrative DLC, appealing to players who love good storytelling. It also adds to the level cap and introduces new flaws and perks, new characters, and more items.

15 Diablo 2
While Diablo II may be over 20 years old at this point, it is still relevant to modern gamers. After all, the game’s remaster is set to be released this very year, with the DLC integrated with it.

The DLC that gamers loved so much for this title was the Lord of Destruction expansion. This DLC offered two new classes, Assassin and Druid. It also added an additional Act to the story, many more items, and the ability to play the game in a higher resolution.

14 Baldur’s Gate 2
Baldur’s Gate II is often compared to Diablo II, as both came out around the same time and were marketed toward fans of Dungeons and Dragons. Also like Diablo II, Baldur’s Gate II had popular expansion content. Throne of Bhaal provided the ultimate conclusion to the game, as well as taking a deeper dive into the protagonists’ history.

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Outside of story, the DLC also added a higher experience cap, a new dungeon cheap D2R ladder items, and a Wild Mage class. Plenty more abilities, new spells, and more items also became available to players.


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