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Every relationship seems to blossom in the beginning. Everything seems beautiful, successful in life, but don’t know why relationships deteriorate as time passed. As a result, that same attractive and successful individual becomes irritating to you. Therefore, most of the stories collapse at the end of the chapter. If you want to understand the root cause of this kind of situation, you should take couples counseling in west palm beach. In this blog, we are also going to discuss a couple of reasons for your broken relationship that you unknowingly do with your partner.

1. Low self-worth

do you often feel that you’re not worthy of a relationship or you aren’t lovable it could even be that you’ve convinced yourself that people, just don’t see you in that way a common cause of self-sabotaging relationships is a very low sense of self-worth?

2. Fear of losing friends.

Do you feel an obligation to your friends? Do you feel obliged to thank them for being your friend through all the support you have given and received from each other? You can feel that you subconsciously owe it to your friends or family. You try to stay away from relationships because you fear being abandoned by your friends or not being a good enough friend to them.

3. Fear of being unable to balance

A lot of things in your life your friends, family, work, study, and your own hobbies. There are a lot of things in your life fighting for your time self-sabotaging might also stem from your fear of being unable to be a good significant other to your partner because you can’t divide your time properly. This happens because you might not have been in many relationships and you’re used to fending for yourself in a certain way you’re afraid that a relationship might cause you to lack the time you put into other things it could also be connected to losing freedom or a piece of yourself. At this time anxiety comes into the picture therefore it is better. to take anxiety treatment west palm beach.

4. Afraid to disappoint

This is linked to a low sense of self-worth; you’re scared you don’t have the abilities needed to be a decent partner; you’re terrified of making errors or saying or doing the wrong thing, so you avoid relationships completely.

5. Fear of abandonment

Nothing in life is risk-free. Opening yourself up in a relationship opens up the door to a variety of risks. Maybe you are emotionally speaking risks or fears can range from fear of abandonment to your partner not liking the way you look or anything in between. Whatever it is it’s quite scary and might result in you consciously or subconsciously avoiding having a romantic relationship.

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