So I’m not able to simulate the things. Therefore, I’ve been kind of doing WoW SoD Gold. I’ve made an Excel sheet to do stat weights. I researched some of the itemization for wrath, the way it’s budgeted for on equipment.

So I’m thinking I’d such a nice equivalency system that’s based upon stats and is based on the general principles. I’m planning on putting something in the near future, so you should be looking for the video. It’s probably coming out either tomorrow or the day following. So if you guys enjoyed you, do like, comment or sign up, and I’ll be back with you in the next one. Peace.

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Many people have been asking me for it, I hadn’t planned to do it, but due to this, I’m going give people what they want. Therefore, I’m going to go through the specifications quickly. As for how you can play them, the min max and everything else that’ll be coming later in an arcane guide video and an instruction guide for fire. And that’ll be coming out in the next few days, on Wednesday by the latest time for fire.

Tomorrow, we’ll definitely be talking about obscure, so be on the lookout for those and let’s hop into the specs. Therefore, the specifications will be included in the description. So if you’d prefer to simply look over the specs, you can simply look them up. You can also search for exclamation points to get the pre patch specs on my Discord channel to access the specs there and also my Twitch chat.

But first, I also want to cover the one that’s most suitable because that’s the question I get requested in addition to, you know, which which spec should I go for pre-patching. What we’re doing is thinking that arcane will be the most effective, but we’re not exactly sure the reason we think arcane is going to be best is because one it comes with the most powerful glyphs Arcane Blast and Arcane Missiles. The third one being molten armor.

But molten armor isn’t available from the beginning of the pre patch, instead it’s Northrend WoW Classic SoD Gold for sale, so you just get those two, but fire doesn’t get any of these glyphs. Arcane is also going increase due to the fact that there aren’t many fights available because now the fights are already very short and they’ll be sunwell by the final phase of Five but they’ll be even more short since everyone is getting a boost to boost raid DPS the fights have been reduced.

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