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  • I nominate this song, first sung in the late 1800s, being the BEST Christmas song ever written. So why ?? Because it tells the simple story of in part because of of Jesus and loan is considered to him as “Lord.” Why is that important? Since it is an appellation that belongs only to this little baby who spent his childhood years to live a perfect…[Read more]

  • An app stands for application it can be a software program that was organized to run on the mobile website. There are two primary platforms for app development that currently have a great earning possibilities. These are Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. As of June 2011 Apple iOS hosts over 511,000 published apps with Android mobile phone hosting…[Read more]

  • You’ve probably heard of the Amazon Kindle, an favored wireless portable ebook reader. Amazon boasts that over 850,000 books are around for download into the Kindle. Right now there are during 1.8 million out-of-copyright books you will receive for free. How about that?

    If Safari is having performance issues try Resetting Safari (go to…[Read more]

  • When Utilized a kid, there were certain words you just didn’t say in front of your parents, or any grownup suspected of being a parental snitch. Swear words, my mama called them, cuss words, words little kids shouldn’t say lest identify Word Police come drive them away.

    Boredom is often a key enemy: hours and hours, days and days, weeks and…[Read more]

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