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    I nominate this song, first sung in the late 1800s, being the BEST Christmas song ever written. So why ?? Because it tells the simple story of in part because of of Jesus and loan is considered to him as “Lord.” Why is that important? Since it is an appellation that belongs only to this little baby who spent his childhood years to live a perfect and sinless life, die on a cross for the sins of mankind, be buried within a tomb soon after which to rise again through dead 72 hours later. It all proved that “the little Lord Jesus asleep across the hay” actually and is Lord regarding.

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    One in the best tracks on this album is actually by Kayne West, who gets Dirt McGirt to help heckle inferior rappers, along with track titled We Make Hits. While teaming up in this song an infuriated Dirty poses the question, “Do anybody else make hits anymore?” while Kanyes slow drums and guitar rocks out globe background. Later, Dirty answers his own question.

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