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  • “You’ll never play at a better place than Independence Pool.” Those words must be said to define the new course offered by the owners of Independence Pool in VA. Located just west of Richmond, Independence has quickly become one of the best public golf courses and summer event venue in all of Virginia. Recognized by Golf Digest Magazine as one of…[Read more]

  • A cap table manages the equity between the founding partners of a company. In simple terms, it gives you an idea of who owns what. Managing this cap table effectively is an important task to put in place from a young startup s very early stages, yet many founders often neglect it. This article is designed to shed some light on why a cap table…[Read more]

  • If you are looking for a way to make your spouse happy, you might want to consider getting a cap table. The cap table is a common type of marital settlement that allows one party to exchange their promissory note for another. This can happen in a variety of different ways. One way is if you have a cap on the value of the assets being exchanged,…[Read more]

  • Cap table management is a must when it comes to your private portfolio investments. Managing a cap table means that you’ve got one very specific person looking at all the details of your portfolio. This makes a cap table a highly useful tool for all kinds of investing. If you have private finances then you need to get out of the rat race to keep…[Read more]

  • A convertible note cap table is a great way to keep track of the money owed on your convertible note. It allows you to easily see the difference between what your note is worth and how much you are owed, and vice versa. In addition, it can allow you to see how much you owe other people for their shares in your company. It is a great way to get the…[Read more]

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